A time existed when there was a great soccer pub in downtown Indianapolis, but not a lot of Manchester United fans visited. There also wasn’t an official Manchester United Supporters Club in the city.

Are you tired of?

Supporting Manchester United alone?
Not being able to go to a pub to watch Manchester United with other fans?
Going to a bar that won’t put soccer on the TV?

MUFC Indy, the official Manchester United Supporters Club of Indianapolis, Indiana, was created to offer fans a place to watch in the heart of Indy. This place is Chatham Tap on Massachusetts Avenue (Mass Ave). Chatham Tap is accessible from all sides of the city and is within a 30 minute drive for most city residents.

We are the largest Manchester United Supporters Club in the state of Indiana. We became officially recognized by Manchester United in only 5 months! More and more fans continue to visit Chatham Tap every match. You’ll see fans wearing our scarves.

We were founded in July of 2021 and we’ll continue to grow far into the future.

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