Decal Instructions


1. Peel off clear tape. Make sure design sticks to clear tape.

2. If part of design does not stick to clear tape, use a credit card or silverware handle to push the tape back down on design. You may need to do this a few times. I used a crafting scraper but not everyone will have that on hand.

3. Get a paper towel and rubbing alcohol or some other type of cleaner. Water works as a last resort.

4. Clean the area where you will place the decal. This is very important. Removing dust and dirt will make it stick much better.

5. Bring the side edges up together so it looks like a taco. DO NOT CREASE!

6. Place the middle down on surface and then press down from the middle to the outside.

7. Peel off clear tape using a back and forth motion where the top comes off a little and then the side comes off a little.

8. If you have an air bubble near the edge, use a sharp point like a needle and slide it under the vinyl to create an opening. Then push the air bubble out through that opening. If you have an air bubble in the middle, poke a hole in the top of the air bubble with a sharp point like a needle and push the air out.

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