Manchester United Junior Membership Pack – How to Buy

1. Create Email Account For Child/Minor

You’ll need this to create an account at I used Gmail. They allow you to create an account for a child/minor that you can hand over control when they turn 13. You must be a parent or guardian. Feel free to use any email client you prefer. You just need to have access to the account so you can verify the email address used for your account.

2. Go to and Sign Up

Go to, hover over Sign In located in the top left, and hit Sign Up.

3. Create account

Enter the necessary details to create an account.

4. Enter Parental Consent Information

Enter the necessary details for parental consent.

5. Confirm Consent in Email

You will receive an email where you need to hit confirm consent. In Gmail, this email actually went to my promotions tab. If you don’t see the email, you may want to check your spam or other folders.

6. Log Back In to Account

After you give consent, your child/minor is now signed up and can log back in.

7. Go to child/minor’s email to complete registration

You will get a notification that an email has been sent to your child/minor’s email account and you need to verify the email account to complete the sign up process.

Go to your child/minor’s email account and verify to complete the registration and activate their account.

8. Log back in to the Child/minor’s account

Now that you have verified the email account and completed the registration process, you will need to log back in to the child/minor’s account. We know, it’s a little ridiculous.

9. Hit buy official membership

You will now be in your child/minor’s profile. You can find their member ID here AFTER you purchase a membership pack. Hit Buy Official Membership.

10. Select Junior Membership Pack based on age

Scroll down the page a little and towards the bottom you will see options for junior membership packs. Select the proper one based on the child/minor’s age.

Hit Join Official Membership

11. Hover over name and select general info

In the top right, you will now see your name and not your child/minor’s name. Hover over your name with your mouse and you will see a sub-menu pop up. Select General Info.

12. Go to Linked Accounts section and select Manage Linked Accounts

Scroll down a little and you will find the Linked Accounts section. Hit Manage Linked Accounts.

13. Select create a relationship

When the window pops up, select Create A Relationship.

14. Choose a Relationship type

Select your relationship type. In most situations, you will be selecting a strong relationship. You are able to add family and friends. Select Strong Relationship and hit OK. A description of the two options can be found below.

Strong Relationship

It will enable you to see booking history and account information as well as process transactions such as regrades on behalf of each other. It is therefore strongly recommended that you only create a “Strong Relationship” for family members, where you will need to pay for their renewals, or if you have concessionary tickets in your group where you will upgrade their tickets for matches.

Standard Relationship

Is recommended for people you apply for away game tickets with.

15. Select no for does this person exist in our database

Select No for does this person exist on our ticketing database. Then fill out the information and hit Create Account. You may get a weird popup that says your address didn’t hit any matches. It didn’t cause us any issues.

16. Strong relationship has been created

A strong relationship has now been created. You will also see this strong relationship in the Linked Accounts section.

17. Return to the memberships page and select junior membership

Return to the memberships page at and select the proper junior membership again. I know, we’ve already had to do this once. It’s poor design.

18. Select the lite or full membership

This part was real confusing. I thought I was buying another adult membership pack, but we clarify in the next steps that we want a junior membership pack. Select the full if you want the merchandise that comes in the junior membership pack. Select the lite if you don’t want the merchandise.

19. Change owner and hit Buy New

You will get a message that you already have a full membership. Change owner #1 to your child/minor and select Buy New.

20. Select Under 16 and hit Add To Basket

This step is very IMPORTANT! Make sure you select under 16 and make sure you select the non Direct Debit option. The Direct Debit option asks for a piece of information that US banks don’t have.

21. Enter coupon code if you have one then hit Proceed to Checkout

Enter any coupon code if you have one and hit Proceed to Checkout. You may get a message around this time that you haven’t entered all of your address details. Check the details and enter any information that is required.

The website can possibly get weird during this time. You may have to go back a page to advance forward again. You may also need to add the membership again if it is not in your basket. They only allow you to buy one membership, so don’t worry about accidently buying extra. They will give you an option towards the end to remove additional memberships.

22. Select Digital Delivery and hit Next

Digital Delivery should be your only option and it should be pre-selected. They will deliver your membership card digitally, but you will still receive your merchandise via mail.

23. Select Online – Credit / Debit Card, check agree to terms, hit pay

Online – Credit / Debit Card should be your only option and it should be pre-selected. If you have already entered your card information, Under “Use Credit Card” hit the drop down arrow and select the card you want to use and then hit Pay.

If you have not entered any card information, you will not see the drop down under “Use Credit Card”. You will need to enter your card information on the next screen. Check the box if you want to save your credit card information for future use. You will need to check the box that you agree to the terms and conditions and supporter code of conduct. Hit Pay.

24. If using a new card, enter your card information

You will only see this screen if you are using a new card. Enter the card information and hit Pay Now.

25. You have purchased a Manchester United junior Membership pack!

Your transaction will process and you will receive an order number and confirmation sent to your email address. In that email, you will see a red button under membership type. Hit that and you will be taken to your digital membership card. Take a screenshot of that and send to

That will contain the name and member ID that we need. Feel free to crop or mark out the QR code.

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