Manchester United Membership Pack Unboxing

To become an official Manchester United Supporters Club, we must have a certain number of members who are also Manchester United official members. This number can fluctuate and is determined by Manchester United. To become an official member of Manchester United, you must buy one of their membership packs.

They offer a lite, full, and premium membership pack. We would not recommend purchasing the lite membership pack. It doesn’t offer much to US fans. If you purchase a membership pack and live in the Indianapolis area, please provide us with the screenshot below so we can record your name and member ID for MUFC Indy. This is what helps us become an official supporters club and also stay one.

Manchester United Member ID Screenshot

If you need help locating your member ID, we have a blog here that shows you where to find it both on computer and mobile.

When you provide us the above screenshot and live in Indianapolis, we will give you a FREE MUFC Indy scarf and $30 Chatham Tap Gift Card.

MUFC Indy Scarf Manchester United

Now we unbox the full Manchester United membership pack for the 2021/2022 season.


Your package will ship in a red plastic bag. We’ve blacked out the labels as it contained personal information.

Manchester United Membership Pack Full Package

Inside will be a red cardboard box. On the front, it has the Manchester United logo and We Are United. On the back, it has the Adidas logo.

We open the box and find all of our membership items nicely organized.

Manchester United Membership Pack Full Contents

We pull out the beanie first. We’re happy to find out that it fits around our big heads! One concern we had was that the beanie would not fit, but it’s made out of a material that stretches nicely. The front has the Manchester United logo while the back is plain.

Next we pull out the scarf. It’s all thread which is very nice. The Manchester United logo looks great considering it’s made of thread. We also love the simple look of the middle with red, white, and black lines.

Manchester United Membership Pack Full Scarf

Afterwards comes the pin. The pin is very clean and has a beautiful shine to it. We love how they went with black and white. That will help it stand out on red Manchester United jerseys. Notice the red devil design on the paper material. That’s attention to detail!

Manchester United Membership Pack Full Pin

Then we have the stickers. They are clear with a white Manchester United logo and will look nice in many locations. They are clean and simple.

Manchester United Membership Pack Full Stickers

Next we take a look at the text within the box. We discover that we get exclusive access to Premier League home match tickets, museum and stadium tour tickets at half-price, 10% off at the Red Cafe at Old Trafford, and 10% off any purchase at the online store.

Manchester United Membership Pack Box

Lastly, we see all the products together.

Manchester United Membership Pack Full All Products

That’s everything that comes in the Manchester United membership pack if you buy the full version. Indianapolis residents, remember to provide us with the screenshot of your name and member ID and we will give you a free MUFC Indy scarf and $30 Chatham Tap gift card. The Chatham Tap gift card can be used at all 3 locations. For more information on this deal, visit

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