Manchester United Official Membership – Phone Tutorial

To become an official Manchester United Supporters Club for the state of Indiana, we must have 30 Indiana residents who are also Manchester United official members. Below are instructions on how to purchase a Manchester United Official Membership on your phone. When purchased, if you are a resident of Indiana, please remember to provide us with your name and member ID screenshot.

Manchester United Member ID Screenshot

1. Visit on your phone and hit Buy Now.

2. This step is very important! You must select Adult and not Adult (Direct Debit). If you select Adult (Direct Debit), it will ask you for a piece of information that US banks don’t have.

3. If you do not see the below screenshot, skip to step 6.

If profile information is required for delivery (address, phone number, etc.), you will need to click on edit and add that information.

4. Fill out the required info and hit ok.

5. After you hit Ok, the design of the website becomes a little confusing. I believe you are taken back to the previous screen, and it shows that you have no tickets (aka memberships). This is at the bottom, which is not pictured in the screenshot below. It’s somewhere under linked accounts.

At this point, you may need to go back and add the package again. Don’t worry. They only allow you to buy one membership. If you put 2 or more in your cart, they make you delete the extras.

It’s terrible design. This part can be frustrating.

6. Hit proceed to checkout

7. Select DIGITAL DELIVERY and hit next. Don’t get thrown off by “digital” delivery. They will physically mail your membership pack to your address.

8. Select ONLINE – CREDIT / DEBIT CARD and hit pay. I didn’t go past this step as I already had a membership. You should just have to enter your payment information and purchase. You should then get a confirmation.

If you are having any issues, need help, and live in Indiana, you can reach out to us on our Discord (recommended) or email

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