MUFC Indy Scarf Brickyard Edition


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IMPORTANT: Indiana residents can get this MUFC Indy scarf for free when they purchase a Manchester United official membership for the first time. Don’t select direct debit as a payment method. It won’t work in the US. Upon purchasing, privately provide us with your name and member ID. Don’t provide it to any other supporters club. After providing your name and member ID, we will supply you with your discount code. You will still have to pay for shipping.

If you renewed your Manchester United official membership, please reach out to us for your discount code.

Show your support for the official Manchester United Supporters’ Club of Indianapolis, Indiana, with our new scarf. It pays homage to the racing capital of the world with a black and white checkered flag pattern. It features the MUFC Indy logo on the left side, and the Chatham Tap 3 lions shield on the right side.

The shield comes from the middle of Chatham Tap’s logo. On one side is MUFC Indy with a red background, and the other side features the Indianapolis skyline.

This scarf goes great with our MUFC Indy supporters kit.


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